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How to configure your settings in gmail.

The Settings page can be accessed by clicking the Settings icon in the upper right corner...

...then clicking Settings here.

The General tab contains various settings that control the way Gmail operates.

You can change your Gmail display language using the Gmail display language drop down menu.

With the Input tools option, you can type in different languages like French, Arabic etc..

Click Edit tools to select the language of your choice.

Next on this tab is the Maximum page size and contacts option. The default settings is to show 50 conversations and 250 contacts per page, but we can edit these to suit our needs.

Undo Send will help you pull back messages right after you sent them.

The Desktop Notifications option will pop up a notification on your desktop when a new message arrives.

Keyboard shortcuts can help you save time, but they may not work with certain kinds of keyboards.

You can change Gmail's buttons so that they show the text of the button instead of an icon.

The People Widget tool helps in finding information connected to an email sender. It displays recent information about the contacts in your current email message.

If you want to enter a Signature, you can do so here as well.

Setting a Vacation responder may be useful if you're not going to be able to sign in to Gmail for a while. Gmail will send an automated reply to all incoming messages using the Subject and Message your Specify here.

When finished, click the Save Changes button.

Your Gmail session may need to be restarted, depending on the settings you changed.

Return to the Settings page.

Now go to Accounts and Import.

Much of what's here is covered in our other tutorials. Be sure to watch those for more details.

The Check email from other accounts option allows you to configure Gmail to check your other accounts for mail on a regular basis. New mail will appear automatically in Gmail.

The Grant access to your account option allows others to read and send mail on your behalf.

The Labels tab, Forwarding and Themes tabs are covered in other tutorials.

Click the Labs tab.

Gmail Labs contains experimental features that aren't quite ready for everyone to use. Features listed here may change, break or disappear at any time. You can try anything you want here, but remember that its at your own risk.

Take note of this highlighted link. If you try a Labs feature and then have trouble accessing your Inbox, using this will disable all Labs features and should fix the problem.

Click the Add-ons tab.

Add-ons are applications that extend the functionality of Gmail.

You can click Get add-ons to view the add-ons that are available.

Click the Offline tab.

You can read, respond to, and search your Gmail messages when you aren't connected to the Internet by installing the Gmail Offline app.

Click the Inbox tab.

You can choose to format your Gmail inbox, including seeing unread messages first, or having inbox categories.

Enabling the Importance markers settings will allow Gmail to automatically mark your emails as important or not important.

Gmail uses several signals to decide which messages to automatically mark as important, including who you email, how often you email them, keywords used in your email, and emails you archive or star.

The Filtered mail setting allows you to override the mail filters if any are configured.

When finished, click Save Changes.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now have a good idea what many of the Gmail Settings do, and how to customize them.

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